Backit  — cashback service rebranding


ePN Cashback (now – Backit) is a fast-developing cashback service from Kazan, one of the leaders in this category. We were challenged to develop brand positioning, a unique brand name and visual system to attract new audience.


We decided to incorporate the client's boldness, cheerfulness and positivity into the brand character, which we called “IT gangsta superstar”. This was a starting point to create a daring and vivid brand.

Backit! Take it back! It’s a straight-out call to action that reflects the brand character and fits into the category.

Sticker bombing is how Backit protests against overpaying. Stickers help us change prices, conditions and experience. Big cashback becomes even bigger, all purchases become bargains. They help accentuate the main thought, bring attention to something or create bold image.
Project team

Andrey Silin, Ex-head of strategy
Ekaterina Avteykina, Strategist
Egor Myznik, Creative director
Mariya Sinyutina, Ex-art director
Ilya Lazuchenkov, CMO
Andrey Zhaglin, Art director
Oleg Ahn, Content producer
Maria Druganova, copywriter
Alla Sterleva, EX-designer
Alexander Slobzheninov, Typeface designer
Mikhail Konovalov, Motion designer
Konstantin Anufriyev, Illustrator
Igor Nevzorov, TM consultant
Ekaterina Palshina, Head of strategy
Olga Kuznetsova, Strategist
Maria Egorova, Head of content and SMM ePN
Vesta Vanyashina, Diana Gibadullina, Natalia Tokarenko, Designers ePN
Eduard Kolpakov, Head of marketing ePN
Polina Dolotkazina, Alyona Malkova, copywriters ePN
Albina Nuriakhmetova, Head of PR ePN
Burat Nurullin, Product manager ePN
Regina Shagareva, Head of customer support ePN
Ivan Kalyuzhniy, Ex-head of marketing ePN
Ekaterina Dontsova, Head of operations ePN
Sergey Yeremeev, Vice president FIX, founder of ePN