Backgrounds for pilot series 
“The Amazing Spoilers”
 © Ricky Group

The Spoilers are invisible creatures who live off other people’s misfortune, making them, in effect, professional purveyors of calamity. Dud, the only spoiler in history prone to failure himself, befriends a similarly hapless boy named Dennis. Together, they form a rescue team which uses the forces of failure for good, helping kids out of different situations
The City of Spoiler’s World. School.

Test sketch of City before production. I didn't know about project  visual style in the beginning. But i had some references from client. One of them was a Tekkonkinkreet. But after test the stylization became as in final background above

The bus station of Spoiler’s World. All City traffic is transparent bubbles and tubes across the city area. Something like in Futurama, i guess